A cool, salty ocean breeze will take your mind off many things until something highly reflective drives by.


Love it or hate it, but the new BMW Corporate Schnozz for the 4 Series is here and chances are you will see it regularly soon. We're not big fans of this, but we were curious to see if removing the roof from the 4 Series would do anything to improve its appearance. Thankfully, BMW did just that, and while we found the results to be less than mind-boggling, the taste is subjective and you may feel differently.

Aside from how it looks, there is a lot to like 2021 BMW 4 Series Convertible, including its generally flavorful drivetrains (which we've covered elsewhere) and the high level of safety and comfort technology – but the coolest part of the 4 Series Ragtop is the convertible top itself.

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Historically, convertible top mechanisms have been relatively heavy and complicated, but BMW engineers – as Germans and everyone – decided to improve on this. The result is a convertible top system that's 40% lighter than the outgoing model's hardtop, and in case you're bad at numbers, 40% is a lot of weight.

Of course, a lot of that weight comes from switching to a collapsible top from a retractable hardtop, but that's just the beginning. The new top dances in just 18 seconds and can be performed at a speed of up to 50 km / h.

According to BMW, the convertible top offers more headroom than the hardtop (though not much, just 0.2 inches) as well as better sound and heat insulation – especially when it comes to heating the cabin on a cold day. These are all pretty cool. Roof tops have come a long way in the past few decades.

BMW plans to charge $ 54,095 for the new 430i convertible, $ 56,095 for the 430i xDrive convertible, $ 64,995 for the M440i convertible, and $ 66,995 for the M440i xDrive convertible (all including the target fee of $ 995, natch). The rear-wheel drive models are expected to be available at dealerships in March, while the xDrive versions will not arrive until July.

2021 BMW 4 Series Convertible: The loss of the roof didn't make it any nicer

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