The German series Dark shows what happens when teenagers investigate the disappearance of a child and then discover an uncanny time travel story.


So you've already bitten Strange things on Netflix, right? You might feel like you have a giant Demogorgon-shaped hole that needs to be filled and you don't know how to fill it?

Don't be upset. We have a cure for what makes you sick.

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Below is an interesting list of high quality TV shows full of adventure, strange creatures and enough thematic similarities to the original Netflix to justify a hearty attack when we say goodbye to Stranger Things. Did we miss any? Let us know!

Dark (3 seasons)

When children disappear from the small German town of Winden in the German Netflix series darkFour families discover that they are strangely connected and may have the key to why certain children are missing.

season 1 The riddle revealed one cryptic clue after another with time travel, alternate schedules, and missing kids that may remind you a little of the unfortunate Stranger Things kids who were upside down.

season 2 The focus is more on the main character Jonas as he continues his search for further answers. He is now suddenly thrown into the year 2052. There is also a new fight between characters who want to master time travel so they can control the future in their favor. In addition, the apocalypse is just around the corner.

Season 3 just landed on Netflix on June 27, 2020. Watch the trailer here.

Wayward Pines (2 seasons)

If you want to see what the Duffer Brothers did before Stranger Things, check out their creepy Wayward Pines series. The series (produced by M. Night Shyamalan) has a supernatural, small-town atmosphere similar to Stranger Things. It tells the story of FBI agent Ethan Burke (played by Matt Dillon) who visits a small town in Idaho to investigate the mysterious disappearance of other FBI agents.

Later he is trapped in the unusual community and cannot leave the city. The series has many unexpected twists that ensure that viewers don't get bored. And in true Stranger Things fashion, there are strange creatures in the forest.

Chilling adventures from Sabrina (2 seasons)

While the new Chilling adventures from Sabrina The series is inspired by the horror-focused Archie Comics. Many children try to solve creepy puzzles that keep fans of Stranger Things entertained.

The series follows Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) as a teenager who tries to reconcile her high school life with mortals and her fate as a witch. Sabrina and her mortal friends have to deal with the chaos caused by another witch hiding in sight.

Like Stranger Things, this show takes place in a small town where supernatural powers seem to rule. There are many monsters and evil spirits – and brave children fighting against them.

Black spot (2 seasons)

What brings the supernatural to the forest? In the French-Belgian television thriller Black Spot (known as Zone Blanche in France), a series of horrific murders caught the attention of police chief Laurene Weiss (Suliane Brahim) and an eccentric new prosecutor Franck Siriani (Laurent Capelluto) in the remote village of Villefranche borders large, creepy forest.

While the villagers are upset about the closure of their beloved mill, it seems the forest is accidentally killing people. Is it an unusual deer-like creature? Or a serial killer obsessed with Celtic mythology? Or is it just Mother Nature who takes revenge on people who abuse her with a secret toxic waste dump?

If the murders weren't enough, Laurene is still trying to solve a ten-year-old puzzle about who kidnapped her as a child and left her in the forest to die. The series has a Stranger Things-meets-Twin summit Mood, with lots of bizarre characters and creepy moments.

Edge of the World (film)

While Edge of the world is a film and not a TV series, it is still worth mentioning in this list of things to see after Stranger Things. The science fiction adventure with children who are stuck in the summer camp and have to fight aliens feels very much like Stranger Things meets Independence Day.

Ironically, filmmaker Zack Stentz says he wrote the script long before the demogorgon showed his teeth on Netflix. This action-packed film not only feels like a homage to Stranger Things, but also has the excitement of Attack the Block, Independence Day, Jurassic Park and The Goonies.

Chambers (1 season)

What if you received a heart transplant to also inherit the donor's memories? Chambers follows the story of Indian teenager Sasha Yazzie (Sivan Alyra Rose) after receiving a heart transplant from wealthy white teen Becky Lefevre (Lilliya Reid) and suffering from unexplained, terrifying visions.

Becky's family reaches Sasha with seemingly affection and kindness, but they may have ulterior motives. The series explores conspiracy theories, racial issues, and even a strange self-help cult associated with the demon Lilith.

The Company (1 season)

What would you do if all adults disappeared from your city? This is exactly what teenagers in the Netflix series The Society have to deal with. After a group of teenagers discover that adults in their hometown are mysteriously out of control, they have to find a way to survive by starting their own company. Unfortunately, this does not mean that everything runs smoothly as the children begin to resort to fascism and violence. This show feels like stranger things meet Lord of the Flies.

The magicians (5 seasons)

The Magicians is a bit like an adult Harry Potter series with supernatural tendencies, romance, violence, parallel universes, mythical creatures and a complicated background story, in which a Narnia-esque children's book series. The series is more adult (starting at a secret university only for aspiring magicians) than Harry Potter or Stranger Things, but full of bizarre storylines and endearing characters.

The series follows high school graduate Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph), who loves fantasy novels about the adventures of five children in a magical land called Fillory. When Quentin is accepted into an exclusive, secret magician university called Brakebills, he discovers that Fillory is a real place full of magic and chaos.

Quentin and his classmates set out to better understand Fillory's secrets, but they soon realized that every magic had consequences.

The Order (1 season)

Here is another series about teenagers and magic, only this one also has werewolves. In The Order, student Jack Morton (Jake Manley) joins a secret society, the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, which introduces him to a world of magic, mystery and lycanthropy.

The Umbrella Academy (1 season)

If you want more superheroes than supernaturals, try it The Umbrella Academy. The superhero series – based on the popular comic series of the same name – tells the story of a billionaire who adopts and trains seven children with super powers.

When the billionaire dies, the estranged siblings must reunite to solve a mystery about his death. Meanwhile, they are pursued by two unusual assassins who chase the youngest sibling who has mastered time travel. There is also an upcoming global apocalypse to keep them busy.

Channel Zero (4 seasons)

For Stranger Things fans who want another horror series, Channel Zero might be a good fit. This anthology horror series explores urban legends that originated in online forums, video games, and social media. Think of a slim man.

Every season is a self-contained story. A story tries to combine a bizarre children's television show with a series of child disappearances. Another story tells the story of a tourist attraction that could actually be haunted. Not all stories have children or teenagers as the main characters, but all have a supernatural element or monster that could help you retreat from Stranger Things.

Outsider (5 seasons)

If you love the flawed but stubborn personalities of the characters in Stranger Things, you'll love the misunderstood young superheroes on the British television show Misfits.

In Misfits, a freak storm in London gives superpowers to juvenile offenders Nathan, Kelly, Curtis, Alisha, Simon and Gary. The series redefines what it means to be a superhero, especially if you're a jumbled teen who likes to commit crimes.

The OA (2 seasons)

The OA follows Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling – also co-creator of the series), who returns to her family in a Michigan suburb seven years after her mysterious disappearance. Before she left, she was blind and can see after returning.

Prairie (also known as OA – Original Angel) tells her unusual story of a group of outcast teenagers and her teacher through a series of flashbacks. We learn that she was kidnapped by a mad scientist and subjected to a series of gruesome experiments to unlock the mysteries of life and death.

The OA has everything from alternative realities to missing children who make it a good show you're obsessed with.

Sense8 (2 seasons)

The Wachowskis Sense8 The series revolves around eight apparently random people who were connected by shared psychic powers. But they're all hunted by a shady government agency. Fortunately, the heroes can interact psychologically and share combat skills.

It's an interesting view of how we're all connected, and if we team up, we can fight as a team against the evils of the world. While the characters are all adults, the secret government agents after them remind me a lot of the people at Stranger Things' Hawkins National Laboratory.

Hemlock Grove (3 seasons)

Vampires, werewolves, mutants, clairvoyants, witches and everything in between are the focus of Hemlock Grove.

The series (produced by Eli Roth) follows a teenage girl from a small town who was brutally murdered in the fictional steel town of Hemlock Grove. The murder investigation reveals dark secrets and several suspects. Of course, after similar tropes from Stranger Things, there is a dodgy company called Godfrey Institute for Biomedical Technologies that does inappropriate experiments on both humans and non-humans.

A poor 17-year-old Roma boy named Peter Rumancek (Landon Liboiron), who happens to be a werewolf, teams up with the privileged novel Godfrey (Bill Skarsgard), who may just be a vampire. The two go in search of the murderer who is chasing their city. The series contains many surprises that will keep viewers busy, and some bizarre twists in the storyline that bring the revised vampire werewolf genre back to life.

Originally published July 6, 2019.


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