The Samsung Galaxy Fit is a massive deal at $ 69.

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There's an argument for choosing a fitness tracker over a smartwatch with fitness tracking capabilities. First and foremost: price. In fact, for a limited time and while supplies last, Best Buy has one of the best fitness tracker deals I can remember: The Samsung Galaxy Fit for $ 49.99. It is available in black or white. Regular price for both: $ 100.

The Galaxy Fit offers surprisingly robust features when compared to "budget" fitness trackers of the past. For one, it includes heart rate monitoring – and can even notify you when an irregular heartbeat is detected. Activities are also automatically recognized and logged. It even recognizes the type of activity: walking, running, cycling and so on.

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I'll take a break here to see that my Apple Watch Series 3 can do the same – but it's lousy. (Maybe newer models are better?) It often takes 5-10 minutes to get the "It looks like you're doing this and that" notification. If I forget to manually stop the activity when I'm done, the results will be completely skewed.

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I can't tell firsthand if the Galaxy Fit does a better job, but CNET's Scott Stein can. In his Comparison of the Galaxy Fit with the Fitbit Inspire HRHe remarked, "I also like the Samsung fitness machines' automatic tracking of walks and workouts and the instant stats on the screen. While taking a brisk walk, suddenly I'm in workout tracking mode without doing anything."

Speaking of Inspire HR, it's pretty similar to the Galaxy Fit, but with one major difference: the latter has an AMOLED color screen.

This screen is of course on the small side, which can make notifications and other text difficult to read during exercise. The battery life is up to five days. However, expect less by setting the Fit to have frequent heart rate monitoring.

I think the pros here far outweigh some small cons. For $ 50, you can get a powerful fitness tracker that, among other things, reminds you to get off your duff. Cheaper than bypass surgery folks!

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Originally published earlier this year. Previous bonus offer removed due to incorrect product information.

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