"A miracle of technology that stores all the components of an intelligent lock."

  • Discreet, minimalist design

  • Quick installation

  • Shared access with guests

  • Locks itself automatically

  • Expensive

  • I can't tell if the door stays open

Intelligent locks are becoming more and more sophisticated. Some high-end models offer fingerprint unlocking, shared access codes, traffic jam protection, and other innovative features. While they all strive to provide comfort and security to homeowners, they all have one thing in common: a distinctive design. You know that the striking properties make it an intelligent lock, e.g. B. a digital / physical keyboard that is clearly positioned in front of a door.

This can inadvertently target them, especially for some crafty hackers with a shameful agenda. Who wants to come home to find a compromised Smart Lock? Against this trend, the level lock pays off as an invisible smart lock and represents a drastic deviation from the norm.

Complete the installation in less than 10 minutes

The beauty of Level Lock is its quick and easy installation, which took no more than 10 minutes to complete. From start to finish, the process is far more rational than any other Smart Lock installation I've done. All you have to do is replace the latch, attach the new motor and then attach the lock housing.

All the components are hidden and not visible, so my door has the same look and finish as before – something I can't say about other smart locks. How is it powered? There is a single CR2 battery that fits discreetly into the latch and enables the six-stage stainless steel transmission to operate. Although this is unusual, the “normal” use of the CR2 battery is designed to last for more than a year. So far it has taken me two months, but there is no indication in the app of how much juice is left.

The best thing about the level lock is that you can't tell it's just a smart lock if you just look at the door. So there is no reason for anyone to deal with it. You still use most of the original components of your existing lock, such as the rotary knob, the lock cylinder and the keys.

Simple functions

Unlike its contemporaries, the level lock pales in comparison to features, especially when you consider the price of $ 229. It works just like any other smart lock because you can lock / unlock it with a smartphone. As for the rest? There is an automatic locking function that locks my door within a set period of time after it has been opened. It's useful when you're in a hurry, but even the longest setting (1 minute) is pretty short – so it would be nice to have longer options.

All components are hidden and not visible.

Homeowners will appreciate Level Lock's shared access via an invitation. This is useful if you plan to be away and need a friend, neighbor, or family member to check your place – or if you happen to offer your home on Airbnb. You can grant them either administrator or guest rights and set specific dates and times for access to the lock.

Apple users get an additional incentive because the level lock supports HomeKit and gives iPhone or Apple Watch owners the ability to lock / unlock by asking Siri to do so. It's a shame that Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are not supported. I have turned to Level and although there are plans to expand to other platforms in the future, there is currently no details.

These features have been standard with today's smart locks, and an obvious omission would notify me if my door stays open. In all cases where I have deliberately kept it open, the automatic locking function is activated and the locking process is initiated – even though the door is open. I would expect a smart lock to be smart enough to determine whether a door is actually closed or not, but that doesn't happen here. Notifications will be sent to me if the lock is blocked and cannot be completely blocked.

A hollow bar

As mentioned above, Level can achieve a minimalist design by hollowing out the latch to act as a battery compartment at the same time. The integrity of the lock is addressed. I have not yet tried to kick my door down to test it, but Level assures that it is designed from the ground up for strength and durability. The company is even brave enough to claim that it exceeds the highest industry standards and has been stress-tested for over 1,000,000 cycles to maintain its structural and operational shape.

Level Lock hollow boltJohn Velasco / Digital Trends

Our opinion

The level lock does not appear to differ too much from its competitors due to its list of functions, but it sets a technical standard for the design. That alone makes it bothersome and innovative for those who don't want to dramatically change the aesthetics of their door.

Is there a better alternative?

For the price? Yes! The level lock is expensive at $ 229. In the same price range, the Lockly Secure Pro for $ 300 offers an extensive range of features like fingerprint unlocking and a digital keyboard for access for a little more. And for a little bit more, Lockly recently launched the vision – a $ 400 lock that includes everything in Secure Pro but also includes a video doorbell camera.

Conversely, the Wyze Lock for $ 100 is on the other end of the spectrum. You save a lot more for the same functions as the level lock.

How long it will take?

There is a two-year limited warranty that covers material and workmanship defects under normal use.

Should you buy it

Yes. The level lock is hidden in your door – there is no keyboard outside your door that makes it clear that it is an intelligent lock.

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