Enlarge /. Apple One levels.


After months of rumors that it was just around the corner, Apple's subscription bundle was finally announced. The service, known as Apple One, combines multiple Apple services like Apple Arcade, Apple TV +, and Apple News + into one subscription – a page out of Amazon's book, to be sure.

Apple One offers three levels. The cheapest at $ 14.95 per month includes Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, and 50GB of iCloud storage for a single user. The next release, Family, offers multiple family users the same services for $ 19.95 / month. The most expensive "Premier" tier at $ 29.95 per month includes the bundled Apple News + and Fitness + magazine subscription service and an increase to 2TB of iCloud storage.

Apple says these plans will be rolled out "this fall." All new users have a 30-day free trial to see which level is best for them.

Apple has come under significant pressure from investors in recent months to offset the slowdown in iPhone sales with services (and wearables), and the launch of Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, and Apple News + was part of that. Even so, each of them has had mixed success compared to Apple Music, which was launched in 2015. By including Apple Music in each of the bundles, Apple Music subscribers are essentially selling these additional services at a discount in hopes of promoting the services that do it haven't gained as much traction.

Follow our live blog from Apple's event for more details.


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