It won't earn your child's respect from his disgusting friends, but it's a solid transportation.


Buying a car for your teenage child is not as easy as it used to be. When I was looking for my first car, the most important (read-only) criterion for my parents was that it was cheap, questionably cheap. So I came across a brown rotary drive death trap from the early 1980s that caught fire (shortly after it was sold to another teenager), but that's a story for another time.

Nowadays all 10-layer parents take care of the health and well-being of their children. In addition to the cost, there are many other factors that need to be considered when buying a car, e.g. B. security. To make this process of identifying potential candidates much easier, the Road Safety Insurance Institute (IIHS) and Consumer reports (CR) have teamed up to offer their first list of recommended used vehicles for teenagers.

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To reach their selection, the IIHS and CR have taken various criteria into account, including price, performance, reliability and safety. To get on the list, a car had to have features like electronic stability control, above-average reliability according to CR's independent tests, dry braking distances under 145 feet, "good" or better ratings in four IIHS crash tests – moderate overlap in front, side, roof strength and headrests and at least four stars in NHTSA tests (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

Based on these criteria, the IIHS and CR divided their selection into two categories: Best and Good. In each of these categories, the vehicles were further divided by type: small cars, mid-range cars, minivans, etc. We will focus on the "best" decisions, otherwise we would both be here all day. In terms of pricing, all of these vehicles are available for less than $ 20,000 based on Kelley Blue Book pricing data.

IIHS and Consumer Reports select the best used cars for young people

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2017 Mazda3


Small car:

Mazda 3 (2014 or newer; built after October 2013)
Subaru Impreza (2014 or newer)
Hyundai Elantra GT (2018 or newer)
Kia Forte (2019 or newer)
Kia Niro (2018)
Toyota Corolla hatchback (2019 or newer)
Honda Insight (2019 or newer)
Subaru Crosstrek (2018 or newer)
Toyota Prius Prime (2017 or newer)

Medium-sized cars:

Subaru legacy (2013 or newer)
Subaru Outback (2013 or newer)
Honda Accord sedan and coupe (2013 or newer)
Volkswagen Jetta (2016-2018)
Mazda 6 (2015 or newer)
Volkswagen Passat (2016-2018)
Toyota Prius V (2015-17)
Lincoln MKZ (2016 or newer)
Volvo S60 (2017-2018)
Nissan Altima (2019 or newer)
Audi A3 (2017, 2020)
BMW 3 Series Sedan (2017 or newer)

2019 Nissan Altima photo gallery: Better styling, a trick turbo engine and a lot of technology

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2019 Nissan Altima Platinum 1

2019 Nissan Altima Platinum 2

Mazda CX-5 (2014 or newer; built after October 2013)
Buick Encore (2016 or newer)
Chevrolet Equinox (2016 or newer)
Honda CR-V (2015-2016, 2019 or newer)
Mazda CX-3 (2017 or newer)
Subaru Forester (2016 or newer)
Nissan Rogue (2017 or newer)
Toyota RAV4 (2015 or newer; built after November 2014)
Honda HR-V (2017-2018; built after March 2017)
Hyundai Kona (2018 or newer)
Audi Q3 (2016 or newer) $ 17,300

The Kona Iron Man Edition 2019 from Hyundai receives full treatment from Stark Industries

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Medium SUVs:

GMC Terrain (2014, 2016 or newer)
Kia Sorento (2016 or newer)
Nissan Murano (2015 or newer)
Hyundai Santa Fe Sport (2017-2018)
Hyundai Santa Fe (2017 or newer; built after March 2016)
Mazda CX-9 (2017 or newer; built after November 2016)
Lincoln MKX (2017-2018)

Toyota Sienna (2015 or newer)
Honda Odyssey (2015-2016)
Kia Sedona (2016-17)

Updated Kia Sedona minivan pampers passengers (pictures)

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As it turns out, the best purchases for your teen's first cars are hardly the coolest cars on the dealer's lot or on the Craigslist. Hopefully, even if safe and reliable transportation doesn't impress your child's dirtbag friends, it will save your child from too much trouble, and that's exactly what it's about.

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