The Hollow Knight team has informed fans of its highly anticipated sequel to Silksong.

Instead of outlining the new details in blog posts or additional trailers, the development team Cherry decided to have a little fun with its fan base. In the past four weeks, the developers have revealed new characters through cryptic puzzles.

The original Hollow Knight was very well received and scored 90 out of 100 points on the Metacritic review page. The reviewers praised the title for its depth, challenge and unique art style. Since the sequel was announced in February 2019, fans have been trying to get information.

Until a few weeks ago, anyone who really knew anything about Silksong knew it would play Hornet, who fought and supported the protagonist in the first game. Now we have been introduced to four Silksong NPCs, both friends and enemies.

What were the puzzles?

In early June, Matthew Griffin, a Team Cherry marketer, posted a series of coded puzzles on the Hollow Knight Discord server next to a locked ZIP file.

The puzzles required extensive knowledge of Hollow Knight, so only the most dedicated fans had hope to crack them. The solution was the name of a new character, "Huntress", which was the password for the ZIP file. It contained a description, a picture and a GIF of the character in action.

But it didn't end there. In June and early July, Team Cherry published three more puzzles: and fans discovered three more Silksong characters.

What did we learn?

Four characters have been fully revealed. The first, as the name Huntress suggests, is a fearsome creature: "A towering old predator waiting for its children to come." In the published dialogue, she immediately asks Hornet to bring her some organs, which suggests that Silksong, like his predecessor, will have an element of horror.

The second NPC, Grindle, is a "snitch bug", a burglar with a bag of prey. After being released from prison by Hornet, he appears to be acting as an information broker. The description states that he will "take rosaries in return for the information gathered, although his gossip is often of questionable value".

Next, a group of characters was revealed: a tribe of surprisingly cute fleas known as a caravan. They aim to "collect the playful young fleas scattered across the kingdom" and will likely ask Hornet to do the work for them, much like Hollow Knights Grubfather.

This week, we were shown a hurling boss character known as Seth. This NPC shares the name of its co-creator Seth Goldman, a Hollow Knight fan who passed away in June. Seth met Team Cherry, who asked him to design a character for the new game. The result is a tough looking opponent, an "eternal protector" who "guards a long forgotten secret and attacks anyone who gets too close".

Despite these new details, Team Cherry has yet to indicate a release date from Silksong. When it arrives, the game should be released on Switch and PC.

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