When Google first introduced the Google Glass, we were impressed. At this point, however, the world just didn't seem quite ready for smart eyewear technology, and privacy advocates met with huge backlash. We're not sure if the world is ready, but it seems that Google hasn't entirely given up on technology just yet.

According to a patent discovered by Patently Apple, Google has apparently filed a patent for apparently intelligent glasses. This iteration differs from the original design, however, in that it looks more like typical glasses than some fancy tech gadget that could help it blend in much better with its surroundings.

Whether or not Google wants to bring this device to market remains to be seen, especially since patents are no guarantee for it. However, we can't say we're surprised the company might still be exploring the idea of ​​wearables. Google's rival Apple is said to be working on smart glasses that could hit the market in the next few years. So maybe Google is not yet ready to give all of its market share to Apple.

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