You thought Bronco News was ready for 2020? Crap no. Here's your first look at that Ford Bronco Raptor, who would be at the top of the SUV hierarchy as the most capable, performance-driven Bronco in the group. To be clear, we don't know if "Bronco Raptor" is final. There were rumors that the name "Warthog" might be in the mix. For now, any suffix is ​​sufficient.

Ford posted the single teaser photo on social media on Tuesday showing the Bronco Birds of prey fly after trapping some air in the dirt. This Raptor Warthog machine clearly offers plenty of space for spring travel. It looks like the body is ready to separate from the chassis. it looks like a lot of fun too.

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Ford didn't do great at hiding the fact that Bronco has some kind of performance in the works, but honestly I'm a little surprised that it shared this so soon after the standard Broncos unveiling. The standard SUV won't be ready until spring 2021, so it's not clear whether the Bronco Raptor will follow closely behind or whether Ford just wants to ramp up the hype machine a little more. Not that it need to, as the excitement about the return of the Bronco in general is very real.

We'll keep our eyes peeled for more news on the next Bronco variant.

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