Nvidia's CES 2021 kicked off today, and the company unveiled a range of new products for laptops and desktops. Above all, Nvidia is bringing its new architecture of the RTX 3000 series, which is supported by Ampere, to notebooks in order to offer more performance to mobile gamers who want to play ray tracing titles. The event, titled GeForce RTX: Game On, focused on gamers and developers.

Past and future

Unlike previous Nvidia presentations, CEO Jensen Huang didn't lead the company's 2021 CES announcement. Instead, the recorded presentation was given by GeForce Senior Vice President Jeff Fisher, who first summarized the company's 2020 achievements.

These accomplishments include the introduction of the new Ampere architecture that powers the second generation ray tracing cores of the company's current GeForce RTX 3000 desktop series, as well as the introduction of the GeForce Now online streaming platform for games that will appeal to 6 million people Connected users across 25 global data centers will stream 200 million hours of gaming time in 2020.

"2020 was an extremely difficult year with no end of challenges," Fisher said at the start of the presentation, noting that Steam games increased more than 40% year over year as people worked and played from home. In total, we've seen more than 100 billion hours of YouTube videos. The pandemic is also increasing the need for GPUs.

To date, 36 games are operated with ray tracing, including “the number one battle royale game, number one RPG, number one MMO and the number one best-selling game of all time: Minecraft. And the list keeps growing. DLSS enables a new great ray tracing experience in these games by delivering a big performance boost with excellent image quality. "

Nvidia found that Call of Duty was the most successful first-person shooter franchise ever, and ray tracing was supported with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 2019.

The company also announced and demonstrated new titles, including Outriders, Five Nights at Freddy, and F.I.S.T .: Forged In Shadow Torch, all of which will support DLSS and ray tracing.

Other technologies that have been highlighted are Nvidia Reflex, which is aimed at esports gamers and backed by a dozen games including seven of the best competitive shooters.

Nvidia also announced that Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch will both take over Nvidia Reflex. In addition, five new monitors at CES 2021 will be equipped with Nvidia's Reflex Latency Analyzer, which the company compared to a heart rate monitor for athletes. These new G-Sync monitors are from Acer, AOC and Asus.

An RTX for every gamer

As the games got more powerful, Nvidia admitted that gamers couldn't keep up on its aging GTX platform – especially the GTX 1060. To help GTX 1060 gamers perform better, the company announced its new RTX 3060 for just $ 329, which has the power of Amps and second-generation RTX cores.

The latest RTX 3060 supports ray tracing and DLSS for gaming at 60 frames per second (fps), the company announced during its presentation. This card can run 13 shader teraflops, 25 RT TFLOPs, and 101 tensor TFLOPs. It has 12 GB of G6 storage and will be available in late February.

RTX on the laptop

"Amazing gaming doesn't end on the desktop," said Fisher. After unveiling the RTX 3060 GPU for entry-level desktops, Nvidia also announced that its Amp architecture will be mobile.

"Today we are announcing a new generation of ampere-powered laptops," said Fisher, adding that they run on second-generation RT cores and third-generation Max-Q technologies, "delivering twice the energy efficiency of previous generations ".

The new Max-Q design has been redesigned from the ground up.

"Every aspect – CPU, GPU, software, PCB design, power supply, thermal – is optimized for performance and performance," said Fisher of the third generation Max-Q design. “Our third generation Max-Q technologies use A.I. and new system optimizations to make powerful gaming laptops faster and better than ever. "

Instead of adjusting the performance for the CPU and GPU, A.I. helps to dynamically adjust the performance and move it per frame per processor from the processor, GPU and CPU memory, depending on where the most power is needed. This translates into a bigger increase in performance than ever before, according to Nvidia. This is part of Nvidia's Dynamic Boost 2.0 technology.

Nvidia also announced Whisper Mode 2.0, an A.I. Motor for better acoustics.

"Whisper mode was designed from the ground up and is built into every laptop at the system level," said Fisher. "You select the acoustics you want and Whisper Mode 2.0 uses algorithms with A.I. support to manage the CPU, GPU, system temperature and fan speed, and to achieve great acoustics with the best possible performance."

A new Resizable bar was also announced that “takes advantage of the advanced features of PCI Express to improve gaming performance. Games use the GPU memory for textures, shaders and geometries, which are constantly updated as the player moves through the world. "

The Resizable Bar allows games to access all of the GPU memory for multiple updates at the same time to improve performance.

With DLSS, Nvidia claims that the new RTX tensor cores can deliver twice the performance with the same performance.

"The GPU has to compute nearly 4 million pixels for a single 1440p frame," said Fisher. “DLSS only uses a fraction of the pixels, which improves efficiency and increases performance. It also offers longer battery life when you play on the go. "

Four years ago, Max-Q laptops weighed 9 pounds and were 40 mm thick. With the third generation Max-Q design, Nvidia claims today that its partner's laptops are half the size, half the weight, and offer ten times the performance of the first generation design.

RTX 3060, 3070 and 3080 mobile laptops

Nvidia began introducing its mobile RTX 3000 series with the RTX 3060, the entry-level GPU configuration for mobile devices.

"The RTX 3060 laptop is faster than anything else on the market today, including the $ 2,500 RTX 2080 Super," said Fisher proudly. "It's 30% faster than the PlayStation 5 and delivers 90 frames per second on the latest games and Ultra 1080 settings."

RTX 3060 laptop models start at just $ 999.

The mid-tier model is the RTX 3070 which increases your gaming experience to 1440p.

"Gamers know that 1440p displays, with twice as many pixels as 1080p, are the perfect blend of high-fidelity graphics and great performance," said Nvidia. “However, they have been missing from laptops for years. We worked with display makers and (manufacturers) behind the scenes. "

The RTX 3070 laptops allow you to play 1440p games at up to 90 fps and ultra settings. It's also 1.5 times more powerful than Sony's PlayStation 5, according to Nvidia. Laptops with this mobile GPU start at $ 1,299.

After all, the 3080 phone will be the flagship on the laptop. Nvidia positions itself as a notebook for gamers and developers.

These laptops have 16 GB of G6 memory and deliver up to 100 fps with activated ray tracing. They start at $ 1,999.

Nvidia announced that more than half of the RTX 3000 mobile laptops will deliver refresh rates of 240 Hz or more, making them ideal for esports.

"With the performance of our GeForce RTX 3080 laptop GPUs, gamers can play top titles like Overwatch, Rainbow Six, Valorant and Fortnite at 240 frames per second," said Fisher. "Combined with Nvidia Video Reflex, gamers can achieve system latency of less than 20 ms, so they can do their best."

RTX Studio for developers

For professionals, Nvidia also announced new Nvidia studio laptops with RTX-based A.I. This will change the way artists work by making complex edits such as: B. Automatically converting video from landscape to portrait while keeping the action in the foreground.

"RTX-accelerated AI will change the way creators work," said Fisher. "For example, Adobe Photoshop recently introduced neurofilaments, the AI ​​to quickly make complex changes to photos. Adobe Premiere Pro's automatic update uses AI to convert landscape video into portrait orientation while the action stays in front and in the middle. In DaVinci Resolve 17, the new Magic Mask feature uses AI to speed up mass creation and tracking. "

As of January 26, more than 70 laptops will be available for gaming and professionals, the company said. It is the company's largest launch.

"These are the fastest laptops in the world," said Fisher. "They give gamers and developers a wide range of choices to help them choose the right device for their needs."

"RTX is the new standard and the momentum continues to grow," said Nvidia.

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