Bill & Ted Face the Music reunited Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves 29 years after Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.

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It's 2020 and Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are back by doing new movie Bill & Ted Face the Music. The film catches up with the front men of Wyld Stallyns 29 years after Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. Face the Music is ridiculous, funny, and cute all at the same time, and it's proof of a A 90s-style comedy may work in 2020. It also captures the essence of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure from 1989 and the joy many of us experienced while watching this movie.

Alex Winter, better known as Bill S. Preston Esq., And Scott Kroopf, who produced all three Bill & Ted films, were guests on the CNET podcast I'm So Obsessed. The director of documentaries like Showbiz Kids on HBO and The Panama Papers, Winter explained how popular the Bill & Ted films are and how he and Reeves are constantly asked about them.

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The Bill & Ted films have "always been a joyful presence in my life," Winter said during our interview. "And people ask me if it's annoying that this thing had the cultural hold it has, to the extent that people keep coming up to both of us and quoting lines and playing guitar. And the thing is wherever You are in your life, that's a pretty joyful thing. It's not a dark thing. "

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To play Bill and Ted after nearly 30 years, Winter and Reeves had a lot to do with the characters.

"Keanu and I both did a lot of groundwork. There was a lot of physical preparation, a lot of character work, and a lot of script work, and we figured out how the logic works for us emotionally in relation to the character arc," said Winter. "But at some point we just had to put everything aside and do it."

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Kroopf, who has also produced films like Jumanji and Mr. Holland's Opus and the Limitless series, said it was the chemistry between Winter and Reeves that made it so perfect for Bill and Ted when he first saw them on Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure cast.

"We realized almost immediately that Alex and Keanu had a special chemistry because every time you went anywhere, when you went to the waiting room, they were talking. By the time you went to lunch they were already there and ate together Noon. And when you left, you got ready to set off on your motorbikes, "said Kroopf. "It was kind of amazing."

During our conversation, Winter and Kroopf discussed the brilliant casting of Bill and Ted's daughters, the hysterical performance Anthony Carrigan of HBO's Barry there as a robot, and how they pay tribute to George Carlin.

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