Microoled is a high-resolution, low-power OLED microdisplay provider that supports the ActiveLook Smartglass platform. ActiveLook is a lightweight head-up display for sports glasses and a CES 2021 innovation award Winner.

The optical module of the Microoled is perfect for sporting activities thanks to its super-light, compact housing and long battery life. Users can see their athletic performance data such as pace, speed and distance in real time right in the glasses.
The technology is currently embedded in the Julbo EVAD-1, another Winner of the CES Innovation Award.

According to the company, Activelook is the lightest head-up display module (HUD) on the market at just 9 grams, meaning that the full glasses weigh only 35 grams. The closest competitor Everysight supplies its display technology with 90 grams.
The light and compact body makes it easy to wear glasses during high-energy activities. The tiny case didn't stop the manufacturer from delivering a long battery life of 12 to 30 hours. Thanks to its compact design, ActiveLook can also be embedded in normal glasses.

Microoled recently closed a EUR 8 million financing round to support the OLED microdisplay manufacturer in the development of ActiveLook technology. Founded in 2007 by Eric Marcellin-Dibon, CEO, and Gunther Haas, CTO, the company posted record growth in 2019, likely driven by increasing global demand for OLED microdisplays.

If you are registered for CES 2021, you can visit Microoled's virtual booth on the CES website for the latest video demo in English (other than in this article). There you can connect with Xavier Bonjour, Marketing & Partnerships Director, Microoled.

Microoled is part of the French Tech You can delegate to CES 2021 Check our coverage here and connect with the other French tech startups here on the CES 2021 website (registration required).

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